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Selected Internet Resources on Management of Depression:

DIAMOND Initiative (search for "depression tools")

Improving Mood-Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment*

National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence* (search for "depression")

Heart and Soul Study in the News:

1. VA Research News: JAMA Series Features Dr. Mary Whooley

2. JAMA, Author in the Room: Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Adults with Comorbid Medical Conditions: Audio Recording

3. Depression Linked to Greater Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease: Article

4. Simple Walk Test Predicts Risk of Cardiovascular Events: Article

5. NY Times, March 2012: Mental Health: Use of Statins May Lower Depression Risk

6. LA Times, February 2011: Depression and the heart: Clinical trials in progress

7. New Research Shows Mental Illness Common, Linked to Heart Disease (September 2011): Article

8. VA Research Currents Apr 2009: Research News from the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs